Friday, December 28, 2007

Battle Study

I am trying to better understand how to compose a complex narrative with multiple figures, and this pencil drawing taught me much. All the figures are of equal size leading to the sense of confusion and drama, but more than that I started to relax when I had this thought: an eye doesn't try to be an eye, it just is.


Christmas Cards 07


These pictures are of my uncut edition of Christmas cards before I mailed them. I first came across an old enveloped design that would allow me to make it all one piece, and have my image cut across the folds. Next, I carved a tree out of garden foam then applied tape to the negative area and used a spray fixative to make a semi-permanent stamp. Finally, I hand painted the ornaments and used my pinky finger to create the star.


iHorse Speakers


These sculptures are made from paintbrushes that I failed to clean properly, the horse's tail plugs into standard headphone jacks and connects to stereo speakers within the beast.