Sunday, May 3, 2009


I got to sleep in today, waking up mid-dream from going over to a barbecue with a bearded and cheerful Josh Brolin. His pops had just called and asked us to bring some cabbage- I guess we never made it because I woke up.

Vague plan is to eat half of the eggs my sister cooks and then finish cleaning the "game room" which is going to be my "studio" when I finish it.

I spent a good 4-4.5 hours on it yesterday and had to quit due to all the dust giving my asthma trouble and all the despair giving my mind trouble. Whenever Katie and Helen came around I forgot to be miserable and we watched, "Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem" and "ROck N Rolla." The first was a boring mess and the second was a Guy Ritchie film which means it was great if you like those films and only if you do.

Funny that Katie had heard about "Requiem" months ago and held off seeing it until she saw every film in both the ALIEN and PREDATOR series including the first VS. We both agreed that REQUIEM was by far the worst offering, which brings to mind some sort of, "Its the journey not the destination," metaphor.


I wake up twisted on the couch with the same dirty clothes from all the moving days earlier, its fairer to say filthy clothes not dirty. Itchy eyes, runny nose, achy back, its hard not to just sit and hate between sneezes. We make swine flu jokes to pass the time, and sink deep, deep into self-pity.

I thought I had already passed the worst phase of my life 3 times already, and I keep getting new contenders make a bloody good shot at the title.

Stale air, garbage and mess everywhere, gray light coming in through the windows, and elevator jazz coming from the neighbor's house. Sometimes the g.pig whines sometimes I do.