Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Resume Again

After graduating with a BFA in Digital Media, I was hired by BASELINE SPORTS MEDIA a premier design firm with clients across the nation n the NBA, NHL, MLB, and NCAA. Understanding the needs of major sports franchises to both grow their image and adhere to legal trademarks was a key part of every project I executed. I began by producing posters, trading cards, brochures, and other print media for almost every competitive sport including but not limited to: football, basketball, hockey, soccer, track and field, equestrian, tennis, volleyball, baseball, softball, cheerleading and golf.

I was hired for my talent as an illustrator and visual designer, but my fluency in web design and video quickly caused my job description to evolve. I was not only in charge of updating samples for our company's website, but I designed flash web portals for our clients to improve the consumer's experience. In this particular case, a large portion of our business revolved around fan photography at major sporting events such as the World Series. As an on site manager I acquired experience dealing with all levels of the sport media environment, which complements my experience with their advertising departments and distributors (TV, billboards, web ads, and related media).

In fact, my previous position working with Ideas United gave me the video and web design experience necessary for me to bring web advertisements into the available services my company could provide our clients. In one case, I created motion graphics for flash advertisements for CSS. As a visual designer, I often worked with other companies' programmers to execute concepts in a way that only someone with web design knowledge can facilitate. In other words, my experience as a sports media designer required that I fulfill a variety of needs including management, copy writing, and communicating with clients in a way that was not always clearly defined or expected before the project was assigned.

In March of 2009 I was recognized as an expert in the field of new media through my presentation at Wake Forest University's Creativity: Worlds in the Making, a national symposium on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. My personal interest in interactive media such as video games and video arrays makes me especially useful to clients who require cutting edge and innovative implementation of their products.

Sean Mills

2094 Melissa Court
Marietta, GA 30062


The University of Georgia
B.F.A. Fine Arts
Digital Media Major

Adobe Creative Suite
InDesign (and Quark)
Flash (Actionscript 2.0 learning 3.0)

Final Cut Pro (but proficient with most non-linear editing programs including Premier.)
Office Software: Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint


Art Director
Athens, GA
Beijing, China

Fabric Design
Galatin Designs
Madison, GA

Gameday Shots
Atlanta, GA
Athens, GA
Denver, Colorado

Baseline Sports Media
Athens, GA

Private Tutor
The University of Georgia, Athletic Department
Athens, GA


Free Lance Designer/ Illustrator
Expansion Squad
Athens, Georgia


Program Coordinator and Video Editor
Ideas United's "Campus Moviefest,"
The World's Largest Student Film Festival


Student Advisor
Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
The University of Georgia


Laboratory Monitor
Digital Media Area
Lamar Dodd School of Art
The University of Georgia


Public Relations
Georgia Museum of Art
Athens, Georgia


Presented a Paper on Tooled Education
Creativity Symposium
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, NC

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